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Beyond the Surface: Momoland's B-Side Gems

Momoland’s popularity went Baam! in early 2018 thanks to their smash hit “Bboom Bboom;” its infectious beat was stuck in the heads of many, even now! Since then, Momoland has done well to maintain a formidable level of popularity and not fall into the "one hit wonder" abyss. They might have pretty catchy title tracks, but did you know that Momoland has some pretty strong B-sides on their albums?

The girl group is known for their peppy beats and colorful music videos, and we’re here to show you that their discography is actually pretty varied and shows another side of the girls. Without further ado, here are some of Momoland’s B-sides that are definitely deserving a thumbs-up!

어기여차 (Uh-Gi-Yeo-Cha)

From their first EP Welcome to Momoland, “Uh-GI-Yeo-Cha” is a playful song that has an absolutely delightful, earworm chorus that will definitely be stuck in your head after the very first listen! The song radiates a cute, summery vibe, and expresses the frustrations of young love.


From their EP GREAT!, this is another upbeat song that can put anyone in a good mood! The song is about the wonderful feeling of being in love, and how it makes you feel like you’re flying high in the sky, shining brighter than all the stars combined! Definitely title-track worthy.


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